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Winter Control and Snow Removal

Road Plowing Priorities and Service Levels During Normal Conditions

Each road in Prince Edward County is assigned a service level based on traffic counts and posted speed limits. The service level criteria and milestones are defined by the Municipality’s RD700 Winter Control Standards Policy. Plowing and sanding routes for individual plows are designed to give priority to roads in order of the level of service.

Sidewalk Plowing Priorities During Normal Conditions

The Operations Department strives to provide reasonable winter walking conditions on all sidewalks in the:

  • Primary Urban Areas which includes Picton (including Macaulay Village), Bloomfield and Wellington
  • Secondary Semi-Urban Areas which includes Cherry Valley and Consecon

A reasonably safe walking surface is the objective to be reached within 48 hours after the end of a storm. The use of sand and salt mixtures is to be limited to that which is necessary to create a reasonably safe walking surface.

Some sections of urban sidewalk and sidewalks in hamlet areas are authorized under By-Law 11-2020 as seasonally closed from November 1 to April 15 annually and do not receive winter maintenance. The listing of these sections/areas can be found in the By-law

Declaring a Significant Weather Event

The Municipality may declare a winter weather event significant after reviewing a regional alert from Environment Canada and determining that the weather in the County of Prince Edward warrants such a declaration in accordance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards (O.Reg. 239-02) under the Municipal Act. A significant weather event is defined as an approaching or occurring weather hazard with the potential to pose a significant danger to the users of highways and streets within a municipality.

During a significant weather event, residents will be advised to use extra caution and will be reminded winter maintenance service levels for roads and sidewalks may not be met. When the Municipality declares a significant weather event, residents will be notified via Public Service Announcements and releases on social media.

Driving Near Snowplows

Stay back from working snowplows and other winter maintenance vehicles (e.g. sidewalk plows) with flashing blue lights. You’ll see them on roadways before, during and after a snowfall or storm.

Never pass a working snowplow – it’s very dangerous for you and the plow driver. Sight lines and visibility can be significantly reduced by blowing snow and the ridge of snow that the plow creates. Trying to pass between or around a snowplow could result in a severe – even fatal – collision.

Be patient – it takes time to clear the roads after a snowfall. If you’re driving behind a snowplow, wait for it to finish its job. Roads are plowed in sections, so you usually won’t be stuck behind a plow for more than 20-30 minutes.

Winter Parking By-law

To ensure roads are cleared as efficiently as possible, an overnight parking ban is in effect on all Prince Edward County roads annually from December 1 – March 31 from 2 am – 6 am.

Snow Removal

The Municipality will typically load and remove snow from the road allowance to reduce drifting and improve safety & visibility.

What can residents do to help?

  • Remove parked cars, garbage and recycling bins from residential roads during a snowfall to allow snow plows to clear the street and sidewalks. An overnight parking ban is in effect on all Prince Edward County roads from December 1 – March 31 from 2 am – 6 am.
  • Be a good neighbour by clearing sidewalks and walkways from snow and ice as soon as possible after a snowfall and offering to help seniors and persons with disabilities who may need assistance.
  • Drive according to weather conditions.
  • Use salt wisely to minimize the impact of salt on the environment by following manufacturer instructions to only apply salt in the correct amounts and under the correct conditions.

For more information on winter control, please contact Customer Service at 613.476.2148 ext. 1023 or email