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Regular Road Maintenance

Funded through the annual operating budget, loose top roadways see ongoing maintenance in the form of grading, repair of soft areas, and the periodic addition of limestone gravel. All loose top roads receive an application of calcium chloride in the spring, which serves to stabilize the surface while also controlling dust.

The two motor graders in the County’s fleet are tasked with servicing 163 kilometres of unpaved road, while assisting with preparation of roads for surface treatment under the capital rehabilitation program and completing shoulder maintenance on hard surfaced roadways.

Potholes often result from a combination of surface fatigue, poor soil support and moisture. Potholes in hard surfaced roadways are filled on an ongoing basis through the work of the County’s four cold-patch crews. Proactive patrols of the County’s roadways are undertaken to identify the potholes and generate work orders. The County’s protocol for pothole repair follows the guidelines and minimum maintenance standards set by the Ontario Municipal Act, Regulation 239/02.

In addition to the regular surface maintenance activities described above, roadside maintenance activities such as shoulder dressing and high sod removal are important activities that contribute to the longevity of the roadway. Management of surface and sub-surface drainage is an ongoing activity of the maintenance program. This is achieved by cleaning existing roadside ditches, digging new roadside ditches where appropriate, and ensuring culverts are properly maintained.