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Construction, Closures & Service Disruptions

From time to time, regular or emergency construction, repairs, events, or other circumstances may result in full or partial road closures, traffic delays, and/or water and wastewater service disruptions. Please see below for a list of current or upcoming issues that may result in service disruptions.

Traffic Disruptions & Closures

Bay of Quinte Skyway Bridge Rehabilitation

Project Background

The Ministry of Transportation’s contractor, Aecon Construction, is rehabilitating the Bay of Quinte Skyway Bridge on County Road 49.

Rehabilitation work will resume in Spring 2021. Learn more on the project website.

Water Services Disruptions & Notifications

Watermain Flushing & Hydrant Maintenance

The County’s annual fall program for watermain flushing and hydrant maintenance begins on September 27, 2021.

Flushing takes place between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Watermains are flushed and hydrants serviced throughout all of The County’s drinking water systems in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code (Ontario,  Regulation 730/81).

While flushing is taking place, customers are asked to avoid excessive water use (Example: running tap water for extended periods, using the washing machine and dish washer simultaneously).

Customers in the immediate areas may experience intermittent pressure fluctuations and some discolouration of tap water while flushing is being completed. This does not affect the safety or quality of your water.

If coloured water has been experienced, customers should run the cold water tap closest to the water meter for a few minutes until tap water runs clear. Customers are advised to wait until the water runs clear at the tap before doing laundry or running the dishwasher. Using discoloured water in your washing machine could result in stained laundry.

Customers are asked not to approach water operations staff in the field conducting hydrant flushing and to respect physical/social distancing provisions maintaining a minimum distance of 6.5 feet or 2 metres if passing by due to COVID-19.

To receive updates on specific areas where hydrant flushing is taking place, follow The County on Twitter and on Facebook.

Other Notifications

Seasonal sidewalk closures 

Seasonal sidewalk closures come into effect between November and April each year in various hamlets and some urban areas in Picton, Wellington, and Consecon.

The sidewalks close because the municipality does not typically perform winter maintenance on the designated sidewalks or is unable to do so due to physical obstacles.

Urban Areas


Street Name

From / To

Consecon Main Street (East Side)

From County Road 29 to Division Boulevard

Consecon Main Street (West Side)

From Porter Street northerly to end of sidewalk

Division Street 

From Porter Street to Consecon Main Street

Pigtail Lane

From County Road 29 to end of sidewalk


Street Name

From / To

Wharf Street  

From Wellington Main Street to the end of the sidewalk


Street Name

From / To

Century Drive

Paul Street / End of sidewalk

Ena Street

Ferguson Street / Burns Avenue

Burns Avenue

Ena Street / Baxter Lane

Bowery Street

Picton Main Street / Mary Street

Bowery Street (west side)

23 Bowery Street / End of sidewalk

Bowery Street (east side)

Mary Street / End of sidewalk

Johnson Street

Picton Main Street / Hill Street

Hill Street

Johnson Street / Fairfield Street

Hill Street

Division Street  / Spencer Street

Fairfield Street (both sides)

Picton Main Street / End of sidewalk

Division Street

Picton Main Street / Broad Street

Division Street (north side)

Broad Street / Hill Street

Spencer Street

Hill Street / Water treatment plant

Williams Street

Picton Main Street / York Street

Hamlet Areas


Street Name

From / To

County Road 15

Demille Street / 178m east of Northport Street (end of sidewalk)

Northport Street

County Road 15 / Solmes Street

Solmes Street

Northport Road / Demille Street


Street Name

From / To

County Road 5

County Road 15 / Potter Road


Street Name

From / To

County Road 10

47m south of Saint Philip Street (End of Sidewalk) / County Road 18

County Road 18

County Road 33 (Loyalist Parkway) / 52m west of County Road 10 (end of sidewalk)


Street Name

From / To

County Road 33 (Loyalist Parkway)

173m south of Station Road (end of sidewalk) / Station Road

Station Road

County Road 33 (Loyalist Parkway) / 44 Station Road (end of sidewalk)


Street Name

From / To

Ridley Street

All partial sections from Reddick Street to 12 Ridley Street

Station Road

County Road 33 (Loyalist Parkway) / 44 Station Road (end of sidewalk)