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By-law and Policy Review

The County is reviewing all of its by-laws and policies. The goal is to ensure the by-laws and policies are relevant, efficient, and meet the needs of the municipality and community.

At the end of the review, County by-laws and policies will:

  • Comply with legislation and align with municipal priorities
  • Follow consistent wording and formatting. Policies will be structured so that they remain relevant for a longer period of time (e.g. no references to specific staff or positions that may change). 
  • Meet accessibility requirements. Additionally, all municipal policies will be available online and organized by policy streams, making them searchable and easier for the public and staff to locate.

Review Process

Staff have grouped the existing by-laws and policies in four main policy streams based on their intended purpose. 

Your Community’s Change and GrowthBy-laws and policies related to economic development, property standards, land use planning, and by-law enforcement. 

Your Government and People: By-laws and policies of Council, the CAO’s Office, the Clerk’s Office, human resources, information technology, finance, communications, and other administrative by-laws and policies. 

Your Infrastructure and Services: By-laws and policies related to operations, public works, water and wastewater, and traffic. 

Your Livable Community: By-laws and policies related to recreation, community facilities, community programs, accessibility, culture, and the environment.

Click here to see the commonly requested by-laws and polices within each stream

During the by-law and policy review, the Clerk’s Office will consult with staff members to understand the purpose of the by-laws and policies that they work closely with, and how they could be improved. 

Additionally, external stakeholders may be consulted, if applicable. If you wish to comment or if you have questions, contact the Clerk’s Office at or call 613.476.2148 extension 1026.

Additional Information

Staff presented the by-law and policy review project to Council in January 2021. Read the staff report.

The project is informed by the findings of a high-level review undertaken by third-party consultants Diverse Systems Group in 2020. Read the final report and recommendations

Your Community's Change and Growth

PD 100 Planning Department Mission Statement
PD 110 Procedure Documentation
PD 140 Goal Setting Reviews Policy
PD 150 Reporting schedule Policy
PD 160 Cost Recovery by Use of Enterprise Model
PD 170 Building Services Reserve
PD 180 Three-Year Activity Forecast
PD 190 Inspection of Construction Policy
PD 200 Closing of Permits Policy
PD 210 Demolition Permits Policy
PD 220 Consultation with Building Policy
PD 230 Review of Building Permit Fee Policy
PD 240 Liability Policy
PD 245 Fast Track Permit Applications Policy
PD 250 Conditional Permits Policy
PD 260 Revision of existing Permits
PD 270 Permit Issuance Time Policy
PD 280 Productivity and Bench Marking Policy
PD 290 Property Standards Policy
PD 295 Septic Inspection Policy
PD 300 Waving of Planning Application Fees
PD 310 Lot Grading and Drainage Policy and Procedure
PD 320 Location of Communication Towers Policy
BL 400 Prosecution of County By-Laws by Private Individuals Policy
BL 600 Reserved Parking on Picton Main Street for Special Events

Your Government and People

AD 130 Councillor’s Indemnity Policy
AD 133 Councillor’s Renumeration Adjustment Policy
AD 135 Code of Conduct for Members of Council
AD 140a Councillor’s Item on Committee Agenda
AD 150 Proclamations Policy
AD 155 Dealing with Complaints/Concerns from Ratepayers
AD 160 Civic Recognition Policy
AD 170 Memorial Recognition Policy
AD 175 Council Communication/Correspondence Policy
AD 176 Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes
AD 200 Delegation of Powers and Duties Policy
AD 210 Municipal Closed Session Investigator Policy
AD 220 Transparency and Accountability Policy
AD 137 Pregnancy and Parental Leave for Member of Council
AD 138 Staff-Council Relations Policy
BL 110 Flag, Coat of Arms, Crest and Logo-Regulation of Use/Sale/Loan
BL 115 Sale of Promotional Items Policy
BL 120 Record Management
BL 130 Archives
BL 150 Resolutions Received for Endorsement
BL 160 Lottery Licensing Policy
BL 170 Petitions Policy
BL 180 Freedom of Information & Privacy Act Policy
BL 190 Routine Disclosures/Active Dissemination Policy
BL 200 Procedures/Notification Regarding MGO (Marijuana Grow Operations)
HR 120 Attendance Management Policy
HR 130 Employee Code of Conduct
HR 131 Code of Conduct for Building Officials
HR 136 Respect in Work Place Policy Harassment and Violence
HR 140 Employee Identification Badge Policy
HR 155 Dispute Resolution for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees
HR 157 Employment of Relatives Policy
HR 195 Progress Review
HR 200 Recruitment Policy
HR 210 Retirement Recognition
HR 225 Substance Abuse Problems Policy
HR 250 Job Evaluation Appeals Process- CUPE
HR 260 Job Evaluation Appeal Process Non-Union Employees
HR 271 Equipment and Vehicle Idling Policy
HR 272 Authorized Requester Information System (ARIS)
HR 280 Retiree Benefits Policy
HR 290 Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement
HR 300 Roles, Responsibilities and Duties Standard
HR 310 Volunteers – Code for Volunteer Involvement
HR 320 Volunteer Management Policy
HR 330 Volunteer Labor at Municipal Properties Policy and
HR 340 Progressive Discipline Policy
HR 350 Termination of Employment Policy
IT 100 Information Technologies and Internet Use Policy
IT 200 Website Content Management Policy
IT 300 Council Computer Purchase Policy
FI 180 Financial Management Policy
FI 190 Tangible Capital Assets Policy
FI 200 Cheque Signing Authority- General
FI 210 Cheque Signing Authority – Mechanical Reproduction of Signatures
FI 220 Donations and Issuing Official Income Tax Receipts
FI 230 Commodity Price Hedging Policy
FI 240 Community Grant Program
FI 250 Provincial Offences Administration Collection and Write-Off Policy
FI 262 Lease of Municipal Building Policy
FI 270 Purchasing Policy
FI 280 Reserve Policy
FI 290 Tax Deferral Program for Low-Income Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
FI 300 Tax Rebates for Charitable Organizations
FI 310 Tile Drainage Applications
FI 400 Sale or Disposition of Land
PD 120 Training and Staff Development Policy
PD 130 Protective Clothing Policy

Your Infrastructure and Services

RD 100 Road Assumption for Private Lanes and Unassumed Roads Policy
RD 200 Development of Speed Limit Policy
RD 300 Road Closure Policy/Procedures
RD 400 Land Acquisition for Road Allowance Policy
RD 500 Mailbox Encroachment Policy
RD 510 Request for New Sidewalks Policy
RD 540 Cost Sharing Policy for Roadside Fencing
RD 550 Compensation Policy for Improvements to Intersection Visibility
RD 600 Tree Management and Preservation Policy
RD 700 Winter control Standards
RD 710 Seasonal Roads Policy
RD 710 a Waupoos Island Seasonal Roads Policy
RD 715 Changing Designation Status of Seasonal Roads Policy
RD 720 Fingerboard Sign Policy/Procedure
RD 730 Minimum Maintenance Standards for 6 Years round Highways
RD 800 Service Agreements on Private Laneways and Roadways
RD 900 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Roads
RD 950 Fleet Management Policy
EV 100 Biosolids/Sludge Disposal Policy
EV 200 Frozen Water Services Policy
EV 300 Un-Metered Water Services Policy – Picton Ward
EV 400 Water & Sanitary Plant tours Policy
EV 500 Water Service – Picton Industrial Park
EV 700 Drainage Issues on Private Property Policy
EV 800 Water & Wastewater Capacity Allocation Policy
EV 900 Financial Relief from Sewer Usage Charges

Your Livable Community

RE 100 Establishing Museum Policies and Procedures
RE 110 Museum Governance Policy
RE 200 Museum Conservation Policy
RE 210 Museum Collection Management Policy
RE 220 Museum Exhibition Policy
RE 230 Museum Physical Plant Policy
RE 300 Museum Ethics and Legal Requirements Policy
RE 310 Museum Financial Policy
RE 400 Museum Community Policy
RE 410 Museum Interpretation and Education Policy
RE 420 Museum Research Policy
RE 500 Museum Human Resources Policy
RE 600 Ice Allocation Policy
AD 150 Celebrations and Commemorations Policy
AD 175 Commemorative Street Naming Policy
AD 300 Corporate Communication Plan
AD 301 Social Media Policy
AD 302 Advertising Policy
AD 303 Customer Service Policy
AD 305 Insurance Spokesperson Policy
AD 310 Media Relations Policy
AD 320 Customer Service Protocol
AD 455 Travel, Conference and General Expenses Policy
AD 460 Strategic Planning
AD 470 Vehicle Use Policy
AODA 110 Customer Service for Persons with Disabilities Policy
AODA 110 a Customer Service Procedures and Practices
ED 100 Municipal Cultural Policy
PM 100 Municipal Alcohol Policy