21 Jun

County celebrates heritage property designations

Picton – The County of Prince Edward recently recognized the formal heritage designation of several properties in the municipality.

“We value our cultural heritage properties because they help tell the story of our shared past. We want to make sure they are protected for future generations to enjoy,” says Steve Ferguson, Mayor, County of Prince Edward. “I commend these property owners for being proactive and pursuing the formal designation.”

The Ontario Heritage Act gives municipalities the power to formally designate properties of cultural heritage value or interest. The County recently designated four properties: 

• Vance-Connors House (circa 1860)
• Cermak Farm Complex (circa 1860)
• Walmsley-Ayer/Scully Farm Complex (circa 1875)
• Empringham House (circa 1880s) 

“Formal designation of heritage properties is one way of publicly acknowledging a property’s heritage value to the community,” says Ken Dewar, Chair, Prince Edward Heritage Advisory Committee (PEHAC). “The committee was pleased to work cooperatively with the property owners throughout the process. We invite other property owners to follow their lead and explore the designation process in the future.”

The owners of these properties initiated and completed the designation process with the assistance of members of PEHAC. The property owners receive a designation plaque to display on their property.

“Heritage in Prince Edward County and across Ontario is a vital component to maintaining our connection, as a community, to our past and also to preserve examples of this rich history for future generations to see and enjoy,” says Braydon Scully, who along with Dawn Ayer worked to designate their property. “We believe that both having individuals and government making a commitment to the preservation of our history is a key component of ensuring this legacy for future generations.”

Details about each property are provided in the heritage property designations backgrounder. More information about heritage conservation in Prince Edward County is posted on the municipal website.

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