Planning Public Council meeting

Date: Sep 20, 2017 7:00 PM
Venue: Council Chambers, Shire Hall, 332 Main Street

Planning Public Council is holding a public meeting pursuant to Sections 34 and 53 of the Planning Act with respect to the following applications:

Consent and Rezoning File Nos.:

• Consent and Rezoning Files Nos.: B19-17, B42-17 and Z17-17 - Jeffrey Connell - Loyalist Parkway - Part Lot 30 Concession 3; Ward 7 (Hillier) - to create two new lots and related rezoning.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B28-17 and Z24-17 - RNT Consulting Inc. - 1808 Fish Lake Road - Part Lot 18 Concession 2 West of Green Point - Ward 10 (Sophiasburgh) - Sever to create one new lot and related rezoning.
Rezoning File No. Z36-17 - County of Prince Edward - to approve an amendment pertaining to Second Dwelling Units for the County of Prince Edward.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B31-17, B32-17 and Z26-17 - Joanne Quinn and Ross Newman - 1033 Fish Lake Road - Part Lot 27 Concession 2 West of Green Point; Ward 10 (Sophiasburgh) - Create one new lot with existing structures, one new vacant lot and related rezoning.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B39-17, B40-17, B41-17 and Z38-17 - Blackbird Holding Inc. - 851/857 County Road 3 - Part Lot 70 Concession 1; Ward 4 (Ameliasburgh) - Create one new lot with existing structures, one new right-of-way for a shared entrance, one new easement for water and related rezoning.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B11-17, Z10-17 - Robert Morton, Petra Watson, Paul O’Neill, Carol O’Neill, James O’Neill and Carol-Ann Torrence - 409 County Road 3 - Part lot 64 Concession 1; Ward 4 (Ameliasburgh) - Sever to create one new lot with a hydro easement to service the proposed retained parcel and related rezoning. This file was initially heard May 17, 2017. It is being reheard for reconsideration.

• Deeming By-law File No.: B55-17 - Cleave Management & Investment Services Ltd. - Talbot and Curtis (Frank) Street Subdivision - Part of Lot A Concession 1 North West of Carrying Place; Ward 1 (Picton) - The landowner has applied for a deeming bylaw under Section 50(4) of the Planning Act to designate all or part of Plan 114 to no longer be a registered plan of subdivision.

Official Plan Amendment:

• Official Plan Amendment and Rezoning File Nos.: OPA2-2016 (SP63#1), Z57-16 - The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario and  (Picton Properties Inc.) - 13300 Loyalist Parkway - Part Lots 20 and 21, Concession 3 Military Tract; Ward of Hallowell - to amend the Picton Urban Centre Secondary Plan to allow for an increased commercial floorplate for a business and to expand the Town Gateway  designation permitting a supermarket anchor and ancillary stand-alone retail commercial uses.

Please Note: Key maps have been provided to landowners within 120 metres of the subject lands and have therefore not been included with this advertisement. Should you be interested in reviewing the application, including any related mapping, please contact:

Development Services — Commission of Engineering, Development and Works
280 Picton Main Street, 2nd Floor, Picton, Ont. K0K 2T0 / Mailing: 332 Picton Main Street, Picton, Ont. K0K 2T0
613.476.2148 / Fax: 613.471.2051 /

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