Planning Public Council Meeting

Date: Jan 17, 2018 7:00 PM
Venue: Council Chambers, Shire Hall, 332 Picton Main Street

Planning Public Council is holding a public meeting pursuant to Sections 34 and 53 of the Planning Act with respect to the following applications:

Consent and Rezoning File Nos.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B72-17, B73-17 & Z60-17 - Estate of Mary Narcissus Luxton - Victoria/Snider Road - Part Lot 98 Concession 2; Ward 4 (Ameliasburgh) - Create two new residential lots and related rezoning.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B78-17 & Z66-17 - Benjamin Thompson - 2947 Victoria Road - Part Lot 101-103 Concession 2, Part 5 47R4285; Ward 4 (Ameliasburgh) - Create one new agricultural lot and related rezoning.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B79-17 & Z67-17 - Brian Kingsley - 923 County Road 5 - Part Lot 8 Concession 2 North West of Carrying Place; Ward 6 (Hallowell) - Create one new lot and related rezoning.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B82-17 & Z69-17 - James Harrison and Caterina Gucciardi - 128 Christian Road - Part Lot 62 Concession 1 West of Green Point; Ward 10 (Sophiasburgh) - Create one new lot with existing structures and related rezoning.

• Consent and Rezoning File Nos.: B83-17 & Z70-17 - Lesli & Anthony Brooks - 1443 County Road 19 - Part Lot 96 Concession 3; Ward 4 (Ameliasburgh) - Create one new residential lot and related rezoning.

• Rezoning File No.: Z77-17 - The County of Prince Edward has reviewed its Comprehensive Zoning By-law 1816-2006 in relation to public uses throughout the municipality. A Zoning By-law Amendment has been prepared that would amend the general provisions for Section 4.23 “Public Uses and Utilities” and related sections in Comprehensive Zoning By-law 1816-2006.

Draft Plan of Subdivision Application

• “Gary Rutt Subdivision”- Plan of Subdivision File No. 13-T-17-503– 2542293 Ontario Inc.– Part of Lots 10, 11,12 and 13, Concession South East of Carrying Place in the Ward of Ameliasburgh. The proposed subdivision consists of a total of fifty-one (51) lots, comprised of forty-two (42) single detached lots (including an existing dwelling on 273 Taft Road) and nine (9) semi-detached lots. Phase 1 of the subdivision has received final approval and consists of thirteen (13) single detached lots. This application is for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Plan of Subdivision. Phase 2 of the subdivision consists of eleven (11) single detached residential lots and nine (9) semi-detached lots. Phase 3 of the subdivision consists of eighteen (18) single detached residential lots. The development is proposed to be serviced by municipal piped water and private individual septic systems together with appropriate storm draining systems.

Please Note: Key maps have been provided to landowners within 120 metres of the subject lands. Should you be interested in reviewing the application, including any related mapping, please contact Development Services (280 Picton Main Street, 2nd Floor, Picton, Ontario, 613.476.2148).

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