Public Consultations

Current Public Consultations

Short-term Accommodation Licensing

The County of Prince Edward has developed draft licensing for short-term accommodations (STA). Licensing will require four different by-laws and/or amendments:

• New STA licensing by-Law

• New administrative penalties by-law

• Fees and charges by-law amendments

• Property standards by-law amendments

A special Committee of the Whole meeting took place on Thurday, June 13 to consider the proposed STA licensing program. Watch a recording of that meeting or view the slides from the staff presentation

Wellington Master Servicing Plan

The municipality is undertaking a master plan for water, sanitary, and stormwater services for the Wellington Urban Centre. The master plan will consider and evaluate alternatives and identify the preferred infrastructure upgrades for water treatment and distribution, sanitary treatment and collection, and stormwater management to accommodate immediate development and long-term growth opportunities to full ‘build out’ to the urban boundary, as per the Wellington Urban Centre Secondary Plan.

Project Status

This study is being completed in accordance with a ‘Schedule B’ Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA), as outlined by the Municipal Engineers Association. To date, the existing servicing needs have been reviewed and forecasted demands have been identified.

Alternative solutions will be analyzed and evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Technical and operational impacts
  • Financial impacts
  • Social impacts
  • Archaeological/cultural impacts
  • Natural environment impacts

Have Your Say: The municipality is hosting a public information centre (PIC) where you can learn more about the process, existing issues that need to be addressed, findings to date, a list of alternatives to address the issues, and the next steps.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, July 4 inside the Highline Hall at the Wellington and District Community Centre (111 Belleville Street, Wellington). The PIC will include two sessions: one from 3-5 pm and another from 6-8 pm.

Your input is welcome at any time throughout the planning process. For further information relating to this project, or to stop receiving delivered notices regarding this project, please contact Rika Law, Project Manager with R.V. Anderson Associates Limited, by email or call 416.497.8600 extension 1209.

New Connecting Road — Highway 33 to Talbot Street

The County of Prince Edward has completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for the construction of part of a new connecting road (Street A), Highway 33 (Loyalist Parkway) to Talbot Street, Picton (see Appendix 8 Location Map below). The need for construction of the new road is driven by the demand of development, specifically the adjacent commercial and residential developments to the north, east, and west. 

The project was planned in accordance with the latest edition of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Manual issued by the Municipal Engineers Association. The Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process applies to municipal infrastructure projects including roads. This project is being planned as a Schedule ‘B’ undertaking. 

As part of the study, alternative solutions such as “do nothing” and various urban road cross-sections were developed and assessed. The alternative solutions were assessed for potential impacts to the natural, cultural, social, and economic environments. 

Based on the environmental assessment study, the preferred approach for Street A/New Road will be a four-lane cross-section as it splits the proposed west and east commercial blocks owned by Picton Properties Inc. and will have two northbound lanes and three southbound lanes at the intersection. The three southbound lanes will include a dedicated left turn lane, through lane and right turn lane. The north leg of the intersection also includes a raised median to restrict northbound traffic from turning left into the west commercial block’s most southerly entrance. The same median also restricts movement from the west block’s most southern entrance to a Right In-Right Out movement only. North of the proposed commercial development, Street A/New Road drops from a four-lane cross-section to a two-lane cross-section as it enters the proposed residential subdivision.

The environmental assessment for this Schedule B project is documented in a Project File Report, which is now available for review. 

Environmental Study Report File

Appendix 1 Notice of Commencement

Appendix 2 Comments from Public Information Centre

Appendix 3 Panels from Public Information Centre

Appendix 4 Stakeholders

Appendix 5A Correspondence

Appendix 5B Correspondence

Appendix 5C Correspondence

Appendix 6 Notice of Completion

Appendix 7 Location Map

Appendix 8 Heritage Property Consideration

Appendix 9 Archaeological Evaluation

The 30-day review period begins on June 19, 2019. Written comments may be submitted until July 19, 2019 to:

Kim White, Municipal Clerk
County of Prince Edward
332 Picton Main Street
Picton, ON K0K 2T0
Telephone (613) 476-2148

If, after consulting with the County staff, you have outstanding environmental issues that have not been addressed through the Municipal Class EA process, you can request the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) to issue a Part II Order (i.e., “bump up”) for this project, changing the status of the project to a full Individual Environmental Assessment.
Any Part II Order request must be submitted to MECP by July 19, 2019, using a standard form developed by MECP.

The standard Part II Order request form is available on the Ontario government forms repository website and you can find it by searching “Part II Order” on the repository’s main page. A copy of the completed form and any supporting information must also be sent to the Director of Environmental Assessment and Permissions Branch and the County Clerk. If no Part II Order requests are received by July 19, 2019, the project will be considered to have met the requirements of the Municipal Class EA and may proceed.

If you are interested in receiving further information on this project, please contact Chris Bradley, Project Manager, Jewell Engineering, at 705.876.1234 or email


Past Public Consultations

Below you will find information regarding recent public consultations as well as projects and initiatives currently under development. 

Business Retention and Expansion

The Community Development Department is extending the Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) program to the local arts, entertainment and recreation sectors.

Staff recently conducted interviews with representatives from the sectors, including artists, musicians, and operators of recreational and cultural amenities such as marinas, golf courses, sports teams, historical sites, riding stables, and various other organizations. The final report will be issued in the coming months.

Have your say: For more information, please contact Todd Davis, Community Development Supervisor, at 613.476.2148 ext. 2507 or email

More information

The municipality has studied other sectors as part the BR+E program: the manufacturing and construction sectors in 2016 and the professional services and health-care sectors in 2017. More information about each one can be found on the municipal projects webpage.     

News release: Arts, entertainment and recreation sector focus of business retention and expansion study