Prince Edward County Heritage Awards

The Prince Edward County Heritage Advisory Committee (PEHAC) wishes to recognize heritage champions in our community who have made outstanding contributions toward the preservation and promotion of Prince Edward County’s heritage.

Award Categories

Conservation of Built Heritage — For preservation, restoration or protection of built heritage in Prince Edward County

Heritage Awareness and Advocacy — For outstanding contributions in public advocacy on behalf of heritage in Prince Edward County

Preservation of Cultural Heritage Landscapes — For preservation or protection of cultural heritage landscapes in Prince Edward County

Lifetime Achievement — For extensive commitment to the preservation and promotion of the cultural or built heritage of Prince Edward County

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who has shown dedication to the preservation and promotion of Prince Edward County’s heritage.

How to Nominate

Nominations for the 2019 Heritage Awards are now open. Click here to download the 2019 Prince Edward County Heritage Awards Nomination Form.

If you have questions, please email   

Award Winners

  • Conservation of Built Heritage

    Alexandra Bake — 2017

    Alexandra Bake was responsible for the construction, restoration and adaptation of several downtown Picton buildings, including the construction of the Edwards Building, which was designed to create office and apartment spaces, as well as “fit in” with the streetscape of the downtown.  Alexandra and her family also purchased the old Lipson clothing store and adapted it for a new use as a bookstore and cafe. In addition, they also restored the Gilbert and Lighthall Building at 173 Picton Main Street, into a retail space and private condominiums. 

  • Heritage Awareness and Advocacy

    Elizabeth Crombie — 2017

    Elizabeth Crombie has been actively involved in many organizations as a board member and financial supporter, and for their great appreciation and advocacy of the special places that make The County unique.


    Elizabeth is one of the main organizers of the annual Christmas house tour, which began in 2010. The organizers of the event were inspired to launch the tour following the demolition of the 1875 Methodist Church on Picton Main Street in 2010. Beginning as a small group of friends coming together to organize a Christmas tour that showcased heritage homes, it has grown from selling 100 tickets to 350 tickets. In 2016, the tour raised nearly $9,000 for the County Community Foundation’s Built Heritage Fund. This fund has awarded grants to deserving projects in the community, which are preserving the built heritage of The County.


  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage Landscapes

    Hastings and Prince Edward Land Trust — 2017

    The Hastings and Prince Edward Land Trust is dedicated to preserving significant natural heritage lands in the area. The organization’s seven-member board and 50 members keep busy with purchasing or accepting donations of significant wetlands, natural habitat, and other properties to conserve them for future generations. 


    Since forming in 1998, this group has worked with numerous property owners throughout Hastings and Prince Edward Counties, and is also actively involved in scientific research and public education programs related to its long-term goal of sustainable land management.


    In Prince Edward County, the organization purchased the Miller Family Nature Reserve along Hill Top Road near the Mariners’ Museum, and each June they host a 24-hour “Bio Blitz” for the public with guided walks and talks by wildlife experts on the biodiversity of the property. Currently, the group is conserving donated lands in the Fenwood Gardens area and protecting the adjoining Simmonds’ cemetery bordering on Sawguin Creek.

  • Lifetime Achievement

    Steve Campbell — 2017

    Steve Campbell has demonstrated an extensive commitment to the preservation and promotion of the cultural and built heritage of Prince Edward County. He has dedicated a lifetime of work to promoting County heritage and helping local authors share their history stories.


    Steve began as a reporter at the Picton Gazette in the early 1970s. While working at the Gazette, he started a print shop and, in 1976, left the paper to become the publisher of a one-person quarterly magazine called County Magazine.


    Forty years later, the publication has become a fixture of Prince Edward County life, known for its history articles and profiles of County people. The County Magazine publishing network has opened its arms and supported many local authors, including Marc Sequin, Doug Crawford, Ron Bailey, Phil Ainsworth, Ian Robertson, Janet Davies, and the late Bill Hunt. In addition, the company’s 2015 book, Prince Edward County: An Illustrated History, continues to be one of the most popular local history books.