Macaulay Heritage Park

Macaulay Heritage Park is an attractive historic site featuring many points of interest: Macaulay House, built in 1830 and restored to the mid-1850s; the historic former Church of St. Mary Magdalene, now a museum; the old St. Mary Magdalene Parish Cemetery; Heritage Gardens and the Carriage House. Together they comprise beautiful parkland for visitors to enjoy.

Reverend William Macaulay was originally sent to this area as a missionary. In 1823 he organized the Parish of Hallowell, donating the land for the church and paying for much of its construction from his own personal wealth. Reverend Macaulay’s contributions to the community were not only spiritual, but civic—dispersing his property for the construction of both a school and a courthouse; the latter has been in use since 1831.

Macaulay was also instrumental in the naming of the town of Picton.

Macaulay Heritage Park welcomes:

Many of the museum’s artifacts have been digitized and shared online.

On Exhibit

"The County Canadiana Gallery" - opening May 20, 2017

Macaulay Heritage Park presents a special gallery highlighting artifacts that complement Canada's 150th Anniversary commemorations.  A special photographic component, entitled "Then, Now...Oh Wow" has been curated by the Grades 6,7,8 Class at Sonrise Christian Academy in Picton. It showcases some of the County's most intriguing architectural heritage.


Virtual Exhibit: “Dutch Heritage in Prince Edward County”

Upcoming Events

Special admission rates may apply.

“Clio’s Book Club” at Macaulay House

Third Thursdays of the Month (September through May)

In ancient Greece, Clio was the Muse of History! Macaulay hosts a special book club for history lovers, featuring both contemporary and historical literature. Visit our web site for the reading list! Starts at 10 a.m.

Free Membership (Goodwill offerings appreciated)


The Life and Times of "Our" Prince Edward - Wednesday, May 24th at 7PM

Author Nathan Tidridge is leading a talk about our County's namesake, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (and father of Queen Victoria); Tidridge reveals how Edward's story is also the story of early Canada.  A commemorative event in recognition of Prince Edward County's 225th Anniversary. Admission by donation.  Held at the church building on site - 23 Church Street, Picton.





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