Macaulay Heritage Park

Macaulay Heritage Park is an attractive historic site featuring many points of interest: Macaulay House, built in 1830 and restored to the mid-1850s; the historic former Church of St. Mary Magdalene, now a museum; the old St. Mary Magdalene Parish Cemetery; Heritage Gardens and the Carriage House. Together they comprise beautiful parkland for visitors to enjoy.

Reverend William Macaulay was originally sent to this area as a missionary. In 1823 he organized the Parish of Hallowell, donating the land for the church and paying for much of its construction from his own personal wealth. Reverend Macaulay’s contributions to the community were not only spiritual, but civic—dispersing his property for the construction of both a school and a courthouse; the latter has been in use since 1831.

Macaulay was also instrumental in the naming of the town of Picton.

Macaulay Heritage Park welcomes:

Many of the museum’s artifacts have been digitized and shared online.


On Exhibit 


Hessians of Prince Edward County

Macaulay Heritage Park

23 Church Street, Picton

The County's Loyalist settlers in the late 1700s were accompanied by that of approximately 40 Hessian (German) soldiers, who also fought for Britain during the American Revolution. As a result, the County can claim to be one of the earliest German-speaking communities in Canada, albeit a small one and only for a short period of time. This exhibit focuses on those early German settlers, and the influence they had on the County's development.


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The Indigenous Peoples of Prince Edward County

Macaulay Heritage Park

23 Church Street

The County's human history spans nearly 12,000 years. However, in the past our museums have focused almost solely on the last two centuries, and the story of white Loyalists, who arrived in Prince Edward County in the late 1700s, and their descendants. It is the duty of the County Museums to preserve the County’s history truthfully, and as completely as we can, and this permanent exhibit dedicated to the story of Prince Edward County’s Indigenous peoples provides an opportunity to collaborate with our neighbours at Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, and acquaint our visitors with an undertold story from this region's past, present, and future.


Also check out our Virtual Exhibit: “Dutch Heritage in Prince Edward County”


Upcoming Events

Special admission rates may apply.


Sunday FUNdays - Second Sunday of each month (June to Sept) from 1-4pm

Hands-on family-friendly activities, displays, games and tasty refreshments too—at Macaulay House on the second Sunday of the month, June through September.  A different theme each month! 

General museum admission applies.


Graveyard and Gallows Tour - Fridays in July and August at 6:30pm

The tour begins at Macaulay Heritage Park in Picton. Reverend Wm. Macaulay is credited with giving Picton its name. Alongside a costumed guide, walk through the grounds of his pleasant estate and the neighbouring graveyard at his historic church, the former St. Mary Magdalene (now a museum). The tour will make its way to the nearby Courthouse. Explore the exercise yards, the jail cells and gallows where two local men were hanged in 1884. Some still say they were innocent.

$10 per person. Advanced tickets recommended.


Wassail by Candlelight - November 17 and 24, and December 1 from 1-5pm

Macaulay House is decorated for a beautifully candlelit 1850s Christmas, with tasty heritage recipes to sample at the hearth, entertainment in the parlour, and costumed characters to greet you! Plum puddings and other baked items for sale.

$5 admission.



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