Grants Over Five Thousand

Applications for 2018 for Grants Over $5,000 now Open

Successful applicants will demonstrate value and benefit to the community, capacity to complete the proposed project, and a commitment to becoming financially self-sufficient.

The Municipal Community Grant Program is subject to County Council approval during the 2018 budget process.

To be eligible for funding applicants must:

  • Be a not for profit, community group or organization, and
  • Be located and conduct the majority of activities within the geographic boundaries of the County of Prince Edward.
  • Have demonstrated sound financial management and good standing with its financial practices and with the County.
  • Be able to demonstrate that they provide those services and programs in an effective, accessible, open, and inclusive manner.
  • Demonstrate that they have sourced other funds or how they require the municipal funds requested in order to access other funds or grant programs (i.e., leverage). Demonstrate active fundraising and that the municipal funds are not the primary source of funding.
  • Event/activity must open to the general public
  • Have financial records including all reserves and assets in the name of the organization applying


Applicants for the funding program should demonstrate:


Funding Request Merit

  • Community need for proposed activity or service;
  • Community support (funding support or sponsorship from other organizations, local businesses, industry, service clubs; letters of support);
  • How well the funding request achieves the priorities of Council and Municipal Departments;
  • Value for tax payer support;
  • Accountability/mechanism for evaluation (identification of key performance measures and outcomes).


Organization’s Profile

  • Feasibility (organization’s ability to complete the proposed activity or service; how practical is the project given the organization’s structure);
  • Impact of previous year’s funding support if received grant;
  • Capacity and experience of the organization;
  • Mission of the Organization and Volunteer Support.



  • Sound financial management and revenue generation (accurate records, realistic and responsible budget, various sources of income; if deficit, then reduction plan);
  • Financial need (leveraging of funds; seed money; does not have the ability to fund on their own through own resources or revenue generation);
  • Applicants’ commitment to becoming self-sufficient.


Benefit to the Community

  • Evidence of community collaboration, partnerships;
  • That another organization is not providing a similar program, event, service;
  • Community benefit/impact based on both measurable and qualitative information.


To Apply:

Download and save Municipal Community Grants Over 5000 Application Fillable to your computer. Complete the form, print off, sign and scan and submit with:

  • The most recent year’s annual financial statement and operating budget as prepared by an accountant or other qualified outside party.


  • Profile of applicant organization including mission and program; current list of Board members including location of their primary residence (Ward/Community name only);


  • Council Deputation Presentation Notes/Power Point Presentation slides


  • Annual Accountability Form if received funding in previous year


Submit to Wendy Lane, Grants, Contracts and Special Projects Coordinator via email(email info in application form) or portable file share by Friday November 17, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.