Picton Harbour Development Concept Sub-Committee


To create a concept plan for Picton Harbour that would advise the Community and Economic Development Commission (CEDC) on tourism opportunities, business and residential development opportunities, potential land acquisition opportunities, growth opportunity, access requirements, and needed amenities.

The concept plan for Picton Harbour would serve as a means of engaging stakeholders, identifying land needs and best uses, determining feasibility and priority of proposed infrastructure and amenities, and provide a foundation from which to solicit private sector and other interest in the development of harbour lands.

The Sub-Committee shall oversee and take into account all public consultation required to develop the plan and shall see the plan through to endorsement by the CEDC and Council.

Meeting Dates

As required.


For the term of the Community Development Commission, or until reappointed.


The Committee shall be composed, as follows:

  • One (1) Member of Council for Ward 1, Picton
  • One (1) member of Community Development Commission
  • One (1) member of Picton BIA (board or staff)
  • Two to four (2-4) residents at large

Terms of Reference

Picton Harbour Terms of Reference

Committee Members