Community & Economic Development Commission


(Reference - By-law 3652-2015, dated October 13, 2015, amended by by-law 4038-2017 and by-law 4093-2017)

  • Explore mandates and roles of community development partners, identify duplication and gaps in service, supports and delivery for the community;
  • Identify the service, the level and the appropriate entity best able to deliver and recommend funding levels;
  • Prepare for Council approval a strategic plan for community development in the County to guide long and short-term development of the County having regard to the Official Plan, the Secondary Plans, the Corporate Strategic Plan, and the Community Improvement Plan;
  • Identify and conduct activities relating to business and industry retention, expansion and attraction;
  • Develop communications, marketing, and promotion strategies for the Municipality and identify delivery methods;
  • Recommend to Council Municipal financial resources required for community development;
  • Make appropriate recommendations to Council regarding community and economic development policy, programming and action planning;
  • Explore opportunities to infuse financial stability into the County’s built heritage attractions, non-profit, and volunteer organizations;
  • Encourage and facilitate organizations, institutions and individuals within the community to be involved in joint ventures, partnerships and other cooperative efforts to improve the community economically, socially, culturally, and environmentally;
  • Identify methods to collaborate and liaise with the myriad of ancillary community partners and resources who may participate on Sub-Committees, to ensure feedback and input from the broader community expertise on specific topics and issues in determining objectives;
  • Network with government agencies and participate in regional economic planning activities when appropriate;
  • Ensure ongoing public consultation with respect to community and economic development needs and recommend appropriate actions if necessary;
  • Ensure alignment of the objectives in the Council Community Development Strategic Plan, the Official Plan, the Secondary Plans and the Corporate Strategic Plan related to community development, and;
  • Revisit Commission structure after one year to evaluate efficacy.

Meeting Dates

As per the Municipal Procedure By-law and applicable legislation.


The Committee shall be composed, as follows:

  • Mayor (ex-officio)
  • Two (2) members of Council
  • One (1) representative from PEC Chamber of Tourism and Commerce
  • Four* (4) community members reflecting the diversity of community development partners of the municipality and address the core function of the commission 
  • One (1) non-voting youth member


For the term of Council or until reappointed.

Commission Members